L’Elise Motorsport

Nous ne pouvons pas parler de l’Exige S1 sans parler de l’Elise Motorsport !

La Lotus Elise Motorsport est le prototype utilisé par le département de Lotus Motorsport pour développer une vraie voiture de course.

Elle se différencie par sa conduite centrale, mais certaines ont été converties en LHD/RHD, Dommage!
Ce modèle très rare (seulement 65 ex), est encore engagé dans de nombreux championnats, comme le LOTRDC.

Un certain nombre d’Elise Motorsport ont été Importés au US, car la Lotus Exige S1 n’est pas homologuée chez nos amis américains.(15 exemplaires importés par Lotus Cars USA)

Cette auto à vu le jour, dans le championnat AUTOBYTEL !

Autobytel Lotus Sport Elise Championship

The Autobytel Lotus Championship will provide the support for the world’s most popular touring car championship , the BTCC. The Championship will fill the gap between club racing and international sportscar racing. Each race will run on a timed basis of 24mins and the Championship will visit the TOCA night races at Silverstone and Snetterton and hold double header meetings at both Donington and Brands Hatch, making it an ideal training ground for any aspiring driver. The BTCC regularly attracts crowds of 30,000 and represents an excellent promotional platform from which to launch Lotus ‘ return to the motorsport arena. The Championship will also support the Sports Racing World Cup at Magny-Cours (France) and Spa Francorchamps (Belgium) as well as a race at the Nürburgring in Germany.

Just like Lotus, the Championship ‘s inaugural Title Sponsor, Autobytel , is an innovator in its own field. It was the first company to create an on-line environment to purchase new and used cars, finance and insurance form the convenience of a PC. This multi-year deal will see the series renamed as the Autobytel Lotus Championship and all the competing Elise’s will be adorned with the autobytel .co.uk web address across their window strips. As part of the car sponsorship package, major sponsors such as Nortel Networks ( Adam’s title sponsor ) and Toshiba will have a Sport Elise painted in their own livery, enjoy corporate hospitality at both the new Lotus Motorsport Race Centre at Hethel and at race tracks, have paddock and factory passes and will be able to attend driver activity days at Lotus .

The Lotus Sport Elise From the outset it was always the intention that the Elise should go racing, and now, in the dramatic form of the Lotus Sport Elise, that’s precisely what it’s about to do. But although it’s based on the remarkable chassis of the road-going Elise, the Sport Elise is pure racecar. It has restyled bodywork, including an aerodynamic hardtop, a centrally mounted seat, race-specification suspension and brakes, a full roll-cage and safety equipment, and a competition-spec. 1.8-litre K-Series engine producing in excess of 200bhp all the cars use the same controlled fuel and Yokohama Radial Slick and Wet Racing Tyres.

Racing in the 2000 Autobytel Lotus Sport Elise Championship in ‘ guest races ‘ were no fewer than 3 Ex-Formula One drivers, Martin Donnelly, Tiff Needel and Ian Ashley as well as Le Mans and Japanese GT hero Takeshi Tsuchiya all joining in on the action at various circuits, Martin Donnelly having the best result a 2nd to Adam in the first race at Brands Hatch.

Adam had sewn up the Championship up at Silverstone in September and was crowned the 2000 Champion with one more race to go at Magny Cours in France.

As part of his prize for winning the Championship Adam was presented with a road going special edition Lotus Elise Sport ( which later became the Lotus Exige as it’s known today ), as well as a driver development program which he was involved with the development of Lotus race cars in 2000 and 2001.

Nous vous présentons  un de ces modèles qui est toujours engagé dans le LOTRDC !

L’Elise Motorsport Go Green de david et rob FENN.

cette auto a subit récemment un swap, elle est passée d’un VHPD ( moteur initial) à un Duratec !


A bord On board:

IMG_01771 IMG_01811 IMG_01711 IMG_01721 IMG_01981 IMG_01991 duratecfit duratecexhaust photo-1 photo1-1 photo3-1 photo2-2 7379917172_712b67d858_b 7379989728_ac533a9e7c_b LOTUS_FESTIVAL_BRANDS_HATCH-9968 Ryan26182 LOTUS_6HR_BRANDS_HATCH-1848 LOTUS_6HR_BRANDS_HATCH-1392 LOTUS_6HR_BRANDS_HATCH-1291 LOTUS_6HR_BRANDS_HATCH-1547 LOTUS_6HR_BRANDS_HATCH-2152

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